Barry Shain: The Nature of Rights at the American Founding & Beyond

Thursday, September 18
Start Time: 4:30 PM

Barry Shain, associate professor of political science at Colgate, will discuss The Nature of Rights at the American Founding & Beyond, a collection of essays which he edited.  A reception will follow.  Free, and open to the public.  The book is based on a series of lectures on the nature of “Rights at the American Founding” delivered at Colgate University in 2000-01 and made possible by a grant from the John M. Olin Foundation’s “Project on the Principles of a Free Society.”

Nature of Rights at the American FoundingAbout the book:
Americans have been claiming and defending rights since long before the nation achieved independence. But few Americans recognize how profoundly the nature of rights has changed over the past three hundred years. In "The Nature of Rights at the American Founding and Beyond," Barry Alan Shain gathers together essays by some of the leading scholars in American constitutional law and history to examine the nature of rights claims in eighteenth-century America and how they differed, if at all, from today's understandings.

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